1000mg CBD Oil (30ml)


1000mg CBD Oil (30ml)


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Orange County CBD is a company dedicated to providing the UK CBD market with the highest quality CBD products. From E-liquids to edibles, topicals and tinctures we have developed a range of products to cater to every CBD desire, however, there really is no better way to experience our multi-award-winning CBD than through our CBD Oils. Our 1000mg CBD Oil is a solid choice for someone with either a little CBD experience under their belt, or someone breaking into CBD for the first time. Giving you 1000mg of CBD in just under 30ml of carrier oil, this lean option is great if you’re looking for a quick, straightforward way of getting your dose. Our 1000mg CBD Oil is mostly composed of pure CBD, with a mix of other cannabinoids to make sure you get the complete entourage effect. With only trace amounts of THC we can ensure you get an authentic full spectrum experience whilst still complying with UK law. We source all of our CBD from certified farms in the United States and extract it using an industry leading method. Without the use of solvents or chemicals, we make sure that our CBD is entirely organic and GMO free. The inclusion of terpenes gives our oil a pleasantly smooth taste and smell. Blended with extra concern for intensity and texture, our 1000mg CBD Oil oil is as pleasant to take as it is effective.


Full Spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) 1000mg per 30ml, MCT Oil, Terpenes.


All of our bottles come with peel-and-reveal labelling, giving us the space to include a detailed dosage guide, instructions and all the other information you deserve to know. Using our oils couldn’t be simpler; just drop your preferred amount of oil under your tongue, holding it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing the remaining oil. If shaken and measured correctly, you should receive 1.65mg of CBD in every drop. Although the specific amount of CBD you take in every dose is up to you, we encourage you not to exceed the FSA recommended limit of 70mg in any one day.
  • This bottle contains 1000mg CBD Oil
  • One full pipette contains 33mg of CBD
  • Each drop contains 1.65mg of CBD


At Orange County CBD we pride ourselves on our transparency and quality. Because of that, every bottle of CBD oil comes with a QR code to link you straight to the relevant lab report.

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