Buddy CBD Meaty Treats & Bites (250mg)


Buddy CBD Meaty Treats & Bites (250mg)




The CBD industry has grown immensely in recent years, innovating to offer all kinds of delicious CBD-enhanced products. From CBD E-Liquids and CBD Skincare to CBD Oils, there’s a lot to choose from, but without a doubt the tastiest and most discreet products can be found in CBD Gummies. Buddy’s Bites offers you our multi-award-winning broad spectrum CBD in the shape of a deliciously meaty CBD treat. Made with attention to overall health and depth of flavour, these are a fantastic savoury way to get your dose of CBD. With just 250mg of CBD in every tub, Buddy’s Bites are the ideal choice for some who likes their CBD low-dose and delicious. We source all of our CBD from certified farms in the United States, ensuring that we work with only the absolute best there is. The CBD itself is extracted from the raw material using an advanced, solvent-free method that avoids the use of pesticides and unnecessary chemicals. This lets us offer you a clean, GMO-free CBD option. The CBD itself is broad spectrum, meaning that while it is completely free from all THC compounds, it does contain a range of other cannabinoids. These naturally occurring compounds enhance the effects of the CBD itself, giving you a superbly effective dose of CBD in a small package.


Broad Spectrum hemp-derived Cannabinol (CBD) 250mg per tub, Wheat Bran, Chicken, Poultry Fat, Meat Stock, Minerals, Salt.


Taking Buddy’s CBD Bites is as easy and straightforward as any other CBD edible. Once you’re certain of the correct dosage you’re taking, simply eat the treats and enjoy. With 250mg of our multi-award-winning CBD in every tub, you’ll be able to make Buddy’s Bites last as long as you need them to. The perfect CBD dose differs from person to person and, unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict from the outset how much any one individual will need. We urge you to do your research before enjoying any CBD product, and to carefully measure your dose when you do.


At Orange County CBD the quality of our products is always our main concern. To make sure that we’re complying with UK trading law, as well as meeting our own high standards, we consistently test our products in a GMP certified lab.

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